Estate Rosewood EDP

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Solstice Scents Perfume EDP General Catalog Eau de Parfum (Available)

Estate Vanilla, Tea Rose, Oak Casks, Tobacco, Bourbon, Woods, Rosewood, Hinoki Wood.

Estate Rosewood begins on a strong base of our house vanilla called Estate Vanilla to which notes of tea rose, oak casks, tobacco, woods, bourbon, rosewood and hinoki wood have been added. This perfume opens with a light tea rose accord top note and sweet vanilla, warm oak bourbon barrels and a touch of aromatic tobacco with a faint trace of spice. The bourbon is rich, golden and woody with slight caramel and raisin undertones. It is not boozy, rather think of a rendered down bourbon syrup or a well-aired glass of bourbon carefully blended with the other notes. There is a bit of fine sustainably-sourced sandalwood at the heart. The rosewood is light, with hints of lemon and tea rose. It has a delicate polished carved antique rosewood furniture element. Estate Rosewood has the rich exquisite stately aroma along the lines of Estate Carnation and White Feather but it is much lighter than those dense heavily-scented, spicy and heady compositions. The Estate Vanilla base emerges to the foreground as this perfume wears and after several hours the vanilla and spent oak casks are the strongest remaining notes with a faint trace of tobacco and woods. Estate Rosewood has a sweet, creamy, warm, golden, slightly woody dry down with a wisp of non-powdery amber, though no amber is present in this composition.


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