During the Rain

During the Rain

5 x 1 2 3 4 5

Solstice Scents Summer Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Storm Accord/Layering Note: Petrichor, soaked Earth, limestone, loam, clay and wet concrete

During the Rain is intended to be a singular atmospheric experience or a layering note. This is an isolated accord meant to capture the experience of an impending storm, followed by a thunderbolt signaling the imminent deluge of rain to come. It encompasses petrichor, soaked Earth, limestone, loam, clay and wet concrete. This accord is comprised primarily of natural materials. It is meant to be an evocative experience, a bottled storm that you can revel in or layer with other perfumes in your collection to add a rain-soaked-Earth element or to boost the rain note in perfumes that already contain a petrichor note. This accord is very similar to the rain accord used in scents such as Desert Thunderstorm, After the Rain, Sea of Gray and Cliffside Bonfire.

During the Rain will take you on a journey starting with a barometric pressure drop and darkened sky upon initial application. The insects sound their symphonic alarm as the rumble of thunder grows louder and closer. A flash of lightning strikes ahead of an explosion of cold raindrops. The rain steadily lightens to a drizzle and remains into the dry down in a humid haze. Rather than a full developed perfume, During the Rain accord focuses on providing one experience of petrichor and Earth. It is a heart note that wears with moderate strength in the first half hour before receding to a more intimate throw for the next few hours. Just like a sudden summer storm, it comes on quick and heavy before tapering off to a gentle drizzle with the lingering scent of soft rain and Earth over the next few hours.


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