Crimson Sap & Sassafras

Crimson Sap & Sassafras

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Solstice Scents Summer Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Dragon's blood, sassafras, palo santo, anise, frankincense, marshmallow, benzoin, vanilla cream soda, crimson musk

Crimson Sap & Sassafras is a deep dragon's blood forward perfume. Sassafras has a distinctly root beer meets birch scent. It pairs remarkably well with the deep, spicy, resinous and cola aspects of dragon's blood. Crimson Sap & Sassafras is further enhanced with a beautiful palo santo essential oil, frankincense resin, anise, fluffy marshmallow, sticky benzoin, a touch of vanilla cream soda and deep crimson musk. The cream soda is subtle and enhances the root beer to read reminiscent of a root beer float. The anise is present but never overshadows the robust sassafras heart note or the deeper spicy resins. Palo santo reads as dry, woody and sacred and adds a complex top note to the sassafras. Crimson Sap & Sassafras is a full-bodied and rich unisex fragrance.

Ingredients: Oryza Sativer (Rice) Bran oil, Fragrance (may include essential oils).


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