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Solstice Scents Premium General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Lavender, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Coriander, Lime, Labdanum, Gardenia & More — 5ml


Courtyard is an all natural elegant sweet fougere blend consisting of the most exquisite Bulgarian Lavender Absolute which smells just like lavender buds and has no astringent or medicinal profile at all. It is blended with oakmoss absolute, organic coriander, fresh lime, white sandalwood, sandalwood, white waxy velvet gardenia petals, woody nagarmotha, sweet balsamic labdanum, peru balsam, yellow mandarin and sweet clover absolute in a rice bran oil base. The lavender absolute has the most incredible natural coumarin notes (reminiscent of sweet fresh hay, tonka beans and vanilla) that is enhanced by the addition of sweet clover absolute which also has a strong coumarin note. The gardenia is not a dominant or individually detectable note but it does enhance the sweetness of the lavender from its waxy-fatty floral scent while adding a green note to enhance the oakmoss' contribution (it is definitely missed if not added to this blend). The lime, coriander and mandarin are carefully and delicately added so that they serve to give a bit of brightness and lift to the blend, primarily noticeable on application. All of the wood notes add an earthy quality to the fragrance. The result of this note combination is a fragrance that is as cool and foresty as the Cascade of Gold fragrance is warm, humid and sensual. Courtyard is meant to evoke the image of a large stone fountain with water cascading down multiple tiers, in the middle of a splendid garden boasting an abundance of flowering lavender and gardenia bushes, liriope and a variety of ferns edging brick walkways and shaded by Grandaddy oaks heavy with the burden of Spanish moss.

The strongest note in the blend is the lavender absolute but your nose will pick up the soft harmony of other notes holding it up as the crowning jewel of the composition. It is very sweet, cool and delicately earthy with very soft hints of green, herbs, woods, lime and distant florals. Courtyard has incredible staying power and is strongly recommended if you even remotely enjoy lavender. It is an incredible treat before bed and layers nicely with Devil's Millhopper as well! The lavender used in this blend is not to be confused with the louder and more dominant lavender used in Quiet Night and Lavender Vanilla. This lavender is a demure, classy and elegant aristocrat draped in white flowing fabrics and twirling in the coolest shadows under an oak hammock, just barely missing the cool fountain spray carried on the light spring breeze. 100% pure essential oils, absolutes and attars.


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