Conjure Dark

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Solstice Scents General Catalog Eau de Parfum (Available)

An altar cloth is infused with year's of burning resin smoke, steeped in an amber-heavy blend with extra sandalwood EO, vetiver, sweet incense smoke, dried rose petals, woods, soft oud, a hint of vanilla and a medley of spices. It is completely from scratch and does not use the original Conjure perfume as its base with additional notes on top. It is darker, deeper and much less sweet with tons of frankincense resins. The frankincense smells just like burning a blend of frankincense and copal resins in the EDP. Frankincense essential oil has a brighter odor with a hint of astringency and medicinal notes out of the bottle. The scent of burning resins is completely different. It's very obvious in the EDP so if you're a frankincense nut, it really shines for the first hour of wear. It is detectable in the oil but everything smells a little creamier in the oil format. In both versions, the dry down is similar: deep amber base with the other notes swirling through. You may notice a hint of different notes each time you smell it. You may detect a whiff of spices, or dried rose petals, incense, sweet smoke or an earthy amber/vetiver blend. It shares similar notes and character with the original Conjure but it is definitely its own blend.


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