Cascade of Gold

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Solstice Scents Premium General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Sandalwood, White Sandalwood, Honeysuckle, Champa & White Lotus — 5ml


Cascade of Gold is an utterly amazing, 100% natural and exquisite blend of essential oils, absolutes and Indian attars blended in our rice bran carrier oil. Notes of sandalwood, white sandalwood, honeysuckle, champa and white lotus combine to form a divine and meditative scent that is also very sensual. Cascade of Gold has a base of exotic incensey woods with a very strong amber note that has subtle balsamic undertones. The floral notes are delicately blended so as to add just the right exotic touch to the warm wood and amber notes. It smells like bottled sunset with the last of the days' golden orange rays peeking out mixed with humid deep south air that has been perfumed by a concentration of mid spring blooms. You can almost literally feel a warmth radiating from your skin with this scent on. The champa is the finest quality I've found and it contributes a delicate edge of spice to the blend as well. The florals serenely float at the top of the blend adding a velvety white note for the first 10 minutes. Their voice becomes softer and evolves to a relatively stable blend without morphing that smells warm, sweet, ambery, golden, robust, full bodied, exotic, floral and extremely sexy. Cascade of Gold would make a wonderful blend for yoga, meditation, scrying or just before bed as it has a natural harmony and almost trance inducing properties.


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