Camp Willow

Camp Willow

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Solstice Scents Winter Collection Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Campfire, Fir Balsam, Spruce, Pine Needles, Black Coffee, Vanilla Pipe Tobacco, Marshmallow & Bourbon

Camp Willow sits at the base of Mt. Willow in the town of Foxcroft. This fragrance features notes to invoke a winter night huddled around the campfire. Warm campfire smoke, strong conifer needles and resin, smooth black coffee, sweet aromatic vanilla pipe smoke, lightly charred marshmallow and a small nip of oaky bourbon. The wood smoke is sweet and warm, nowhere near as smoky as our Smoky Mountain Mallow perfume or Corvin's Smoked Apple. It is very detectable but cozy and not harsh. The evergreen top notes are bold and rich, wrapped in the cool chill of winter air (no mint, but there is a crisp element evocative of cool air). The fragrance is sweetened considerably with vanilla and a little marshmallow. The tobacco is sweet and aromatic, not dark and woody. The bourbon is ight and reads more as a rich oak barrel instead of boozy. The coffee is dark and rich and melds beautifully with the other notes but it is not a coffee forward fragrance. The dry down is primarily a creamy vanillic-wood smoke with oak wood, a light aromatic pipe tobacco and faint traces of evergreen. The coffee is a top to mid note. If you're familiar with our Shoikan Grove perfume, this scent is very similar but more complex and with different ratios of wood smoke, vanilla and fir. Contains a mixed media blend of many naturals paired with synthetic aromatics.


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