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Solstice Scents Spring Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Almond, Rose, Yellow Cake, Tonka Bean, Coconut, Ginger and Green Orange

Cameo is a delicious gourmand fragrance blended with rose. Almond, rose, yellow cake, tonka bean absolute, coconut flakes, creamed ginger and a light top note of bitter green orange EO combine to create a sweet feminine floral.

The almond is dominant on cold sniff and initial application, followed by rose. As Cameo settles on the skin, the almond smoothes out and the tonka bean comes to the foreground. The coconut flake and yellow cake emerge and meld with the tonka and the light zing of creamed ginger. The rose and almond become very soft and well blended with the rest of the notes. The orange is a top note that does not linger in the final composition.

Cameo contains a blend of fragrances, moroccan rose absolute, tonka bean absolute, ginger CO2 and bitter green orange essential oil.

A recipe for Cameo Cookies is on the latest Foxcroft Bulletin, to be shipped with the spring orders. They are delicious and wheat-free!


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