Blackburn's Parlor

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Solstice Scents The Foxcroft Collection Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Vanilla Waffle Bowl, Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Creams, Sliced Bananas Smothered In Caramel Sauce & Topped With Whipped Cream

As you enter Blackburn's Parlor, you're overcome by the scent of fresh made vanilla waffle bowls and cones. Gleaming black and white checkered flooring leads you to the ice cream case, which is brimming with full tubs of rich, smooth homemade dairy delights. All of the ice cream in Blackburn's Parlor is made with the fresh organic milk from pastured grass-fed dairy cows from Blackburn's Farmstead.

While Blackburn's Parlor features an array of a dozen creamy flavors and every topping of your heart's desire, you're here for the Blackburn's Signature Sundae. A golden brown vanilla waffle bowl, just cool enough to cradle your sundae, is filled with two scoops of smooth vanilla ice cream, one scoop of chocolate, a few pieces of thinly sliced banana and a generous dose of caramel sauce, all topped with a pile of fresh whipped cream.

The banana is a top note and will fade. The dry down features the vanilla waffle cone and caramel as the most dominant notes. Wearing Blackburn's Parlor while enjoying a Signature Sundae is recommended!


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