Black Mallow

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Solstice Scents Gourmand Fall Collection Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Marshmallow Infused With Star Anise Essence & Vanilla

Our beloved marshmallow infused with star anise essence and vanilla. Black licorice has a very distinct, dark, slightly spicy and very unique taste. The aroma of anise essential oil mirrors the taste experience of sinking your teeth into black licorice candies! For fan's of our Warlock soap, this is not to be missed! On cold sniff, the anise is most detectable. On initial application, the anise is the strongest note but the mallow and vanilla adds a creamy sweetness that keeps the anise from being too sharp. As the perfume evolves on the skin, the anise melts further and further into the vanilla mallow so there is a true infusion of all components. Eventually the anise will wear almost completely away but its presence doesn't entirely recede. It lends itself for the life of the blend to morph the vanilla and mallow so that they aren't flat but rather a whole new and uniquely wonderful fragrance. It wears closer to the skin which means your nose will be glued to your wrist because it is so delicious. Black Mallow does contain volatile anise essential oil which does not have the staying power of some of our synthetic components, however, this scent is so enjoyable that we don't think you'll mind touching up to refresh! (It lasts a few hours on me, especially when I rub some on the tops of my arms instead of just my wrists). This scent is ultimately very smooth, creamy, rich and wicked all in one stroke.


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