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Sixteen92 Winter : 2018 Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

She came and departed as a shadow. I was never made aware of her entrance into my closed study save by the dear music of her low sweet voice, as she placed her marble hand upon my shoulder. In beauty of face no maiden ever equalled her. It was the radiance of an opium-dream — an airy and spirit-lifting vision more wildly divine than the phantasies which hovered vision about the slumbering souls of the daughters of Delos.

The Winter 2018 collection is inspired bythe works of Edgar Allan Poe

☾ Notes: ☽
Ash, gardenia, opium haze, aldehydes, white iris, honeycomb, ambergris, cold skin

☾ Fragrance Family: ☽
Acold-weather animalic floriental


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