El Cucuy

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Sixteen92 Friday the 13th Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Almost every culture has a version of the bogeyman; the closet monster; the terrifying creature that comes in the night to steal naughty children. El Cucuy (or el Coco) is sometimes tall and furry, sometimes a small bat-like humanoid or a ghostly being trapped between worlds. Regardless of his visage, the legends agree that he lives in your closet (or under your bed) waiting to snatch you if you misbehave, and parents throughout Latin America use the threat of el Cucuy to keep their sons and daughters in line.

His scent is deceptively sweet — a warm summer night spent getting into just enough mischief to avoid el Cucuy (or so we hope...)

Golden mango, orange flower, ripe maracuyá, dried chili, cashmeran, hazy sandalwood incense, agave flower, nopales, warm night air, a quick glint of sharp teeth from the shadows


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