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Siren Song Elixirs Game of Thrones General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)


"All men must die. But we are not men."

This custom blended fragrance is inspired by Daenerys and her time as the Khaleesi of the of the great grass sea and her trials in the deserts. Inspired by the Game of Thrones book & series.

Fragrance: Deserted by Khal Drogo's army, Daenerys forged a new path for herself, a Khaleesi fighting for the survival of her remaining people. No longer walking the great grass sea of the Dothraki she faces her trials in the desert and her story begins to grow. Fading notes of sweet grass linger in the background of beautiful white desert ghost flowers blooming in the arid sand. Warm white amber dunes, worn leather, and hints of tobacco trail in her midst. Sweet peony accents the desert flower, a reminder of her noble bloodline and who she is destined to be, as it beckons her to the oasis of Qarth and her next step in regaining her throne. Temperate, sweet, arid, dusky, and persevering, Khaleesi's fragrance is subtle with a hint at the power to come.

Key notes: Desert Ghost flower, White amber, Sand, Peony, Sweet grass, Tobacco, Leather

This fragrance is Unisex leaning to feminine


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