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Siren Song Elixirs Macabre & Noire General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

DRACULA — The lingering smells of dry, ancient mahogany coffins kept in dark castle crypts where moss and lichen climb the damp walls. Wafts of dried funeral flowers and fir branches laid atop recent graves, linger in the dark, damp evening air. Dracula walks among the Gentry, faint hints of oud wood with frankincense & myrrh, heliotrope, elder flower, french lavender, amber, and white musk kiss the air in his presence with a distinct current of dark violets when he finds Mina once again.

Key Notes — Oud wood, White musk, moss, fir, mahogany, heliotrope, violet, dark ozone, elder flower, labdanum


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