Egyptian Honey

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Scent by the Sea General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

The curtain drops, and the dancer stands, silhouetted in the sputtering light of old stone lamps ranged around the oriental rug that serves as a makeshift stage. Her costume, a pastiche of tapestry, jewels, embroidery and strands of beaten silver, dazzles the eyes as her sinuous movements, slow and thick like honey, entrance her audience.

This perfume, inspired by the danse orientale or raqs sharqi (known in the West as belly dance) blends a sweet cream, warm amber and white musk base with a distinct honey note. A best seller at our live events. Musk haters: please don't fear this scent-the musk is NOT a 70s-knock-you-over-with-with-cheap-cologne musk-it's much more light and subtle, rounding out the blend in a way that's more edible than animal.


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