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Salmonberry Origins Scent memories General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Our memories are often tied to scents, like the twine wrapped around a package. For me scent has always painted mental pictures. I would often search for products that reminded me of the place that I love, here in the arctic wild. Finding few to none, I created some Scent Memories of my own. Please join me and explore the arctic via scent!

Frost — sweet and subtle mint

How to use: Apply to your heart points; your wrists, behind the ears, next to your heart itself, and even behind your knees.

The ingredients: Perfume Fragrance Oils, Sweet almond Oil, Fractionated coconut oil.

I use fragrant perfume oils to create all of my scents memories. This allows for more people to experience them without negative reaction or irritation and also helps to lessen the need to harvest the natural world.


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