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Sage Goddess General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Open perfume was originally created for my Magical Sabbatical sisters, and now I offer it to you. This blend is intended to be your anointing oil as you open your circle and ritual work, or open yourself to channeling. Any time you do spiritual work, even meditation, you cancall in light energy and the guides surround and support you. So you can technically open a sacred circle anytime. A circle is simply an energetic container; it keeps your energy in, and keeps external energies out. What I’ve learned over the decades is that YOU decide what comes into your innermost energetic space.

Use Open as you begin your sacred work. Anoint yourself and imagine layers of concentric circles around you. Who is welcome in the innermost space? Perhaps just you – or perhaps you, your partner, and children. Perhaps your animal and familiar spirits. But it’s up to you.

Some people don’t give active consideration to their energetic space, so any person is energy is able to enter. This can make you feel overwhelmed, depleted, and even abused. The circle becomes a boundary of sorts – a gate to your door. Decide today how much entrance you grant, to whom, and when; and then when you want to open wider, to a group of people perhaps, you can use these tips and tools.Open is a scent crafted of 19 different essential oils and resins, many never used in Sage Goddess scents before. Notes of white amber, galbanum, red myrrh, cyprinum, and black lily.


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