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Sage Goddess General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Before I describe Muse perfume, let me tell you a story about how amazing it truly is. Even to me, as the one who created it. I offered Muse to a friend who makes jewelry and she then began anointing each piece she made with this divine potion. One day she custom created a piece for me, and anointed it accordingly. When the necklace arrived, I messaged her because the smell emanating from the box was intoxicating. What is that scent? I asked her. She laughed at me before she replied, "It's Muse." I was spellbound by the very fragrance I'd created, because it's a scent that changes depending on the wearer.

If it can have that effect on me, the one who made it, what will it do for you?

In ancient history, The Muse was thought to be a female spirit who would come and visit you and inspire you to create art, magic, something new and wonderful in your life. And just as soon as she came she'd be gone, moving on to another soul in need of inspiration. You had to try and "catch" her and use her guidance as quickly as you could. Elusive, abundant, gracious, pure magic. That's the muse.

I have many muses in my world, people who inspire me to create and manifest love. And I consider myself to be a muse to others – through my Sage Goddess offerings, the courses I teach, and the readings I offer. I try to inspire people to imagine the universe of possibilities in their lives. So much is possible, so much is available; we just need to open our minds and be willing to see without judgment. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to creativity.

Anoint with this perfume if you're looking to manifest your potential and just need that little push or motivation to begin. What are you meant to do with your life? What beauty can you create with your hands, your heart, your mind?

An intoxicating blend of honeycomb essence, Egyptian amber, belladonna, iris, and calla lily, you will find yourself transported to another realm when you wear or anoint with this scent. It's unlike anything else in my collection. And it's designed purely, entirely, to delight your senses and inspire you to become. To emerge. To fly.

Your Muse has arrived. What will she inspire you to create?


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