The Awakening Conscience

The Awakening Conscience

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Possets Halloween Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

The Awakening Conscience is a "cautionary picture" of huge power and universally pointed to as THE prime example of Victorian moralizing painting. (To get a better view of it, click the link under the thumbnail which says 'larger image'). It shows a young lady who has been lured into a life of being some pretty boy's "doxie" but she sees the error of her ways, and is shown while half standing (with her butt sticking out BTW) with an upward and unfocused smile on her face during a bout of playing piano with her lover. Oh, the agony of realization that her life has been pointed in the wrong direction, but the ecstasy of knowing that from now on she can earn a pittance whilst being a "good" woman somewhere. She will find out that virtue is its own punishment, and soon enough. But in the meantime, she can enjoy the lingering remnants of her mischievous ways. Wicked and unisex and just made for snappy, chilly weather you get a big wet glob of the finest dark black Swiss bittersweet chocolate to smell in conjunction with a bit of smoke, a swirl of highly scented tobacco, a lashing of burnt sugar, and a caress of black opiate musk. This is dynamite in a bottle. People might whisper about you if you wear this.


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