Mayan Queen Bloodletting Sacrifice (Ancient)

Mayan Queen Bloodletting Sacrifice (Ancient)

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Possets Summer of Elegance 2015 Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

The Mayan aristocracy took their obligations very seriously and that meant in order to be upstanding members of society they had to perform ritual sacrifices personally. Among those acts was pulling a thorn studded rope through a piercing in your tongue and offering the blood shed to the gods. This was a normal act of piety for the royal family and is commemorated in a variety of sculptures discovered in Mezzo America.

Incense smoke, copal resin, red fruit rich in iron scent, and the background of cacao and jungle atmosphere of greenery. This is a perfect scent picture of the day of blood sacrifice for the queen.

Resinous, smoky, incense, green, and dry.


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