Lily Barth and Lawrence Sheldon

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Possets Valentines 2013-Couples Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

The two characters from Edith Wharton's highly amusing House of Mirth, Lily Barth was the toast of the London scene. Astoundingly beautiful but not rich, she was forward and committed the fatal error of choosing the wrong friends. With the means to save herself at hand, yet being of too good stuff to use it, Lily is ruined in the most socially hideous way watched by her cowardly admirer, Lawrence Sheldon. A magnificent story told magically. The fragrance hopes to conjure up all of the misery, longing, piquancy, and thrill of the tale. Something which could be worn among the elite of early 20th century English society, yet a bit outre. A small amount of "to sexy" does show through and all may be lost or found. Rich myrrh and vetiver are woven through with Indian incense and a flash of camphor to provide the right bite, angelica for uprightness, and opoponax for the base. Too fabulous on one hand, so envied on the other. A cool resin with a deep heart.


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