Such a Heart

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Poesie Perfume Summer Favorites Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

“The joy, the gratitude, the exquisite delight of her sensations may be imagined....She must laugh at such a close! Such an end of the doleful disappointment of five weeks back! Such a heart — such a Harriet!” — Emma by Jane Austen

An exuberantly optimistic blend of juicy lychee and tangerine melds into yellow mimosa pompoms and fluffy pink cotton candy. This fragrance is the friend who is up for anything and who always makes you feel good about yourself. It’s a sunny day, an uncontrollable fit of the giggles, sprinkles on an ice cream sundae. If you think it’s possible to be too happy, wear with caution.

Notes: a juicy blend of lychee + tangerine, mimosa pompoms, pink cotton candy


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