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Poesie Perfume Quill & Ink Limited Edition Lip Balm (Limited)

Notes: dark lakewater, dragon’s blood incense, wet stone covered in ivy, dried pine needles and leaves, remnants of melted beeswax candles, clove cigarettes, crisp air

Every autumn you file through the dark woods and gather by the lakeside in the mist. Haunting swirls of incense smoke mingle with the scent of someone’s clove cigarette. The candles are lit and the ritual begins. The chill that travels up your spine could be the cold air or the prickle of anticipation, but you pull your long cloak tighter anyway.

Mysterious and atmospheric. Sweet dragon’s blood incense drifts over a dark lakewater accord with notes of earth and wet stone. Fresh green ivy glimmers through the soft scent of dried pine needles and leaves. Beeswax candles and a hint of clove add depth.


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