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Poesie Perfume Celestial Goddess Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Notes: cold snakeskin, dragon’s blood resin, red patchouli, cracked stone

One of three Gorgon sisters, not immortal but committed to immortality by her story. Once, a beautiful priestess avowed to Athena, she was cursed by the vengeful goddess for breaking her vow of celibacy. Her hair famously turned to snakes and her skin turned green, and just looking upon her was enough to turn a person to stone. (Some of us feel that way every morning.)

Medusa’s sad fate was to have her head chopped off and used as a weapon by that scoundrel Perseus, lauded as a hero for “saving” people from the hideous monster. Hey, Perseus, just leave a girl alone to style her snake hair in peace, maybe! We suggest that you wear this when you want the mere sight of you to turn your enemies to stone. Or, you know...if you just want to smell really cool.


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