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Poesie Perfume Celestial Goddess Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Notes: intoxicating tiare flower soliflore

The Hawaiian goddess Hina has many identities, but her most worshipped form is as goddess of the moon. Mahina, the Hawaiian word for moon, is derived from her name, and also means month and moonlight; both Hina and the moon are inextricably linked to the divine feminine. Her feminine energy is creative and full of strength and conviction. Once, when Hina felt that her husband did not appreciate her work, she packed up and despite his protests, took a rainbow to the sun. But she found the sun too hot, so she climbed the rainbow to the moon and found that it was perfect, so there she stayed.

Access your divine feminine with this stunning tiare flower soliflore. A delicate opening with tea-like, citrus and green notes morphs into the creamy, lactonic notes that are the hallmark of white florals. Sweet, musky, narcotic, but fresh at the same time, this complex Hawaiian gardenia will lift your mood. It’s like walking through a tropical garden in the fresh morning air, and leaning down to inhale the sun-warmed blossoms as they open to the day. A Hawaiian vacation in a bottle.


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