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Poesie Perfume Quill & Ink Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Notes: No. 2 pencil shavings, cherry pipe tobacco crumbs, scattered papers, suede elbow patches, a hint of faded cologne

Your heartbeat quickens as the heavy door opens into the headmaster’s office. As always, the rich, warm scent of cherry pipe tobacco mingles with a hint of spicy cologne and envelopes you as you step inside. A cup of freshly sharpened pencils, perfectly matched in length, sit on the desk and the tang of cedarwood and graphite fill you with a wave of nostalgia. You have been summoned, and now that you’re here, you feel like a naughty child awaiting their fate.

Enthralling. The sharp cedarwood and graphite accord juxtaposed with the sweet, vanillic scent of paper and warm, smooth cherry pipe tobacco will have you huffing your wrists.


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