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Poesie Perfume At the Temple of the Goddess Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

An imported goddess who achieved literal cult status, Cybele was the mistress of animals and wild nature, hung around with lions all the time, and was celebrated by her followers in a frenzy. They kept things super secret and rumors swirled around the religion.

But this is a love story. A love story between a wild goddess and a shepherd-boy. You might even call it a love triangle, because Cybele’s shepherd-boy, Attis, fell in love with a mortal, and on their ill-fated wedding day, the jealous goddess appeared and drove everyone into a frenzy. Frenzies seem to be a Whole Thing when Cybele is around. This particular frenzy really broke up the party and the groom took a leap from a nearby mountaintop. Cybele felt so bad that she asked Zeus to preserve his corpse from decay. Her request was granted and...they all lived happily ever after?

Wild honey and creamy almond pair with heady orange blossom in a frenzy of intoxicating beauty. Layers of spice and resinous incense deepen the blend and a hint of grapefruit peeks through. The warm musk of a big cat lounges underneath it all.

Mysterious. Unfettered. Let’s go crazy. In a good way.

Notes: orange blossom, creamy almond, burning resins, a lion’s mane warmed in the sun, shimmering hints of honey


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