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Poesie Perfume Bonny & Buxom Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Notes: a clean blend of lavender, mint and grapefruit, fluffy marshmallow, royal sandalwood

Prim and proper Jane Seymour may be hard to love today, but she was the perfect Tudor lady and she gave King Henry VIII his greatest desire — a male heir. She forfeited her life to puerperal fever just 12 days after the baby boy’s birth and lived on forever in Henry’s memory as his perfect queen.

Who can blame Jane for learning from the fates of her predecessors? She served as a lady in waiting to Anne Boleyn and married Henry just one day after Anne’s beheading. The first and only time she sought political favor from the king, he publicly reminded her where that kind of meddling led Anne, and for the rest of her time as queen she played the dutiful wife, never involving herself in the affairs of state. Jane reminds us that discretion is the better part of valor, and we have to admire her wisdom in that regard.

Jane’s fragrance is bright and crisp, with an airy sweetness. It’s easy to imagine these marshmallows growing in pretty blossoms, planted in garden right next to the lavender and mint. Mingled with fresh grapefruit and a hint of sweet sandalwood, this scent will win you over with its lovely simplicity.


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