Charm of Making

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Poesie Perfume Fall Favorites Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Notes: amber honey in the comb, antique pages bound in leather, bunches of lavender smoked over a wood fire, jars of dried chamomile, juniper & clary sage

Your favorite room in the cottage is filled with amber jars of dried herbs, bunches of lavender tied with twine hanging near the stone fireplace, built in bookshelves stuffed with very old books, and a sturdy table where you work your magic. Right now the table is scattered with jars and tiny bowls, but it’s a controlled chaos that’s completely necessary (that’s what you tell yourself). There might be a few tiny smudges of honey on the book you’re consulting but who can blame you? No one could resist a little taste of the dark amber honey trickling from the comb, harvested just this morning from your own hive.


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