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Frigg was the foremost goddess in Asgard and the wife of Odin the All-Father. Known as Frigg, The Beloved, she held dominion over marriage, children, and the domestic arts. So it seemed fitting to give her name to this cozy take on a plum cake. Plums were a favorite fruit of the Vikings, who cultivated them, ate them both fresh and dried, and even imported them to keep up with demand for the fruit. Of course, there were no ovens, but by employing a bit of Frigg’s magic, these plums have been sugared and baked into a scrumptious dessert with brown sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. One might even describe it as...divine.

Notes: sugared plums, sumptuous brown sugar cake, a hint of woodsmoke and labdanum, dusted with cinnamon sugar


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