Vanilla Tuberose

Vanilla Tuberose

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VANILLA TUBEROSE is an artisan-crafted perfume made from 100% natural, botanical essences and blended in a base of enriching jojoba oil and golden beeswax. This sultry fragrance features Vanilla and Oakmoss along with the heady fragrance of Tuberose blossom.

Tuberose is an intoxicating flower with a sensual, earthy odor. The Victorians, who famously ascribed symbolic meanings to flowers, deemed tuberose blossoms to be a dangerous pleasure and associated them with "voluptuousness." I wanted to create fragrance inspired by this notion of voluptuous beauty, drawing on the alluring, forbidden qualities of the tuberose.

Perfume Notes:
In small amounts, Tuberose is hypnotic and beguiling, particularly when blended with the warm sweetness of vanilla and the sultry earthiness of Oakmoss (I use only IFRA-compliant Oakmoss). The top notes of tart Bergamot and fresh Rosewood bring brightness to the overall blend. When a close friend of mine smelled this fragrance for the first time, she exclaimed: "It smells like flowers having sex!" I could not have said it any better.

Fragrance Family: Oriental
Top: Bergamot
Heart: Tuberose
Base: Vanilla, Oakmoss
Main Notes: Tuberose, Vanilla


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