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Olympic Orchids General Catalog Eau de Parfum (Available)

Blackbird celebrates the dry season and the warm, peaceful days of summer in the Pacific Northwest, when walking anywhere from a country road to a city greenspace brings the powerful scent of tawny dry grass, fir and cedar trees baking in the sun releasing their sharp, incense-like resins, and juicy ripe blackberries tempting us and the blackbirds with their jammy, musky sweetness. Although inspired by nature, Ellen Covey's Blackbird is sophisticated and paradoxical, but very wearable for anyone who enjoys the juxtaposition of dry ambery-woody notes with just a touch of sweet, juicy fruit. Made especially for the Blackbird retail store in Seattle, but offered here as a Special Edition. All sizes are 25% fragrance materials, i.e., parfum concentration.

Notes: Himalayan blackberry fruit, dry grass and leaves, elemi, cedar wood and resin, amber, fir balsam absolute, musk.


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