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Nocturne Alchemy Gods, Goddesses & Deities General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Tawaret, "She who is great", Egyptian Goddess of childbirth and fertility. Three parts of the Goddess; Hippopotamus, Lion and Crocodile. All three animals that are regarded as strong protectors of their young and would kill to protect them. The first part, hippopotamus, is a denizen of the Nile mud and this is seen as rebirth whereas her body is that of the hippopotamus as the greatest definition of her power as Goddesss.

In Egyptian history, Tawaret was a Goddess to the people rather than specifically to the Pharaoh. She was a household Goddess. She was given three names Ipet 'harem', Taweret 'she who is great' and Reret 'the sow'. The name Tawaret was fastened for reasons of birth and protection.

Ruby Grapefruit Essence, Pear Essence, Apple Skin, White Vetiver, Vanilla Milk, and a soft dry down of Coconut Cream Incense.


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