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Nocturne Alchemy NAliday : 2007 Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Shu, holder of the sky above the land of the world and brother/husband to Tefnut. Shu kept the
storms above and the people below free of the harm that may have come to them. He is a God that
kept RA’s barge from the harm of Aphophis with his incantations and spells. He held the sky so
high that the Sun God could reign his light upon Egypt and the world. Shu was also the coin for
ridding the Underworld of the evil that attempted to enter that country of the afterlife.

In a story I have read in many books it is said that Shu and Tefnut went to explore a nearby
river. After a while RA began to worry that they had become lost. RA sent his third eye to find
them amidst the chaos of the world. When his children were both returned to him RA wept tears of
joy and out of his tears it is said as the water hit the ground they became the first human form
born of love and happiness.

Agarwood, Egyptian Sandalwood, Balsam, Cedarwood, fresh Linen and Red Egyptian Musk.


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