Set's House of Horror

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Nocturne Alchemy Halloween Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Haunted NA.

Set's House of Horror.

Set, brother and (within Egyptian lore), sometimes father to Anubis. He is the God of Darkness and Chaos and only fitting he rests his body within the House of Horror.

Inside the wooden abode the floors and windows creak. From outside the wind is restless upon the big cedar tree that brushes its limbs against the roof scratching its fingers to be let in. Set has turned a man he did not like into this tree and put him outside in the weather of the world to never have sanctuary except from arms reach. This is the chaos of a God with no respite.

Deep in the basement of the house are the tools in which Mummification is performed by Anubis while Set watches the living mummified for his dark pleasures.

Flesh is only temporary.

In Set's House of Horror the hallways are long and narrow and spider webs hang from old cracked mirrors. The windows half open allow the wind to press against the skin of the curtains and billow in their blood red silken cloth.

Curved snout, pointed tusk and tail, Set is a God of remorse and embraces the dark. This is his House of Horror and the scent of fear beguiled with the scent of the ever living.

Smokey Persian Galbanum, Balsam and Amber Resin, Cedarwood Absolute, Egyptian Market Spice, Egyptian Blood Orange Zest and Black Peppercorn Essential with a touch of Nokturne2: Egyptian Musk Spice and a drop of blood red Dragon's Blood and a drop of the most finest Sri Lankan Black Vetiver Essential available.


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