Sandalwood Spice

Sandalwood Spice

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Nocturne Alchemy Spring 2021 : Royal Sandalwood Collection Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Sandalwood Spice- Sandalwood Absolute, Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla, rounded spices of Allspice, Black Clove and Indian Cardamom, rich Indian Sandalwood chips, Cedarwood, Irish Moss accord, Amber blend of labdanum and benzoin with Golden Australian Sandalwood and aged Sandalwood in a bourbon Oakwood barrel.

**THESE Royal Sandalwood are available only at this update. These perfumes are the very best ingredients combined with sustainably farmed — rich sandalwood accords from around the world and in a hand-painted Indigo bottle and are limited to THIS update only. We may bring them back in a Thoth's Archiveyearsdown the road, but these will NOT return as a Resurgence next year. Sandalwood is becoming more and more rare and we wanted to honor this beautiful wood in the only way we know how. Beautiful perfume blends, beautiful bottles and a collection that will continue with every Limited Collection we can offer in the near future. The collection will range from 12-16+ different Sandalwood perfumes for this beautiful Royal Sandalwood Collection. Once sold out, we will not restock or recreate it. 75 bottles only per perfume. See very bottom for taking care of our colored perfume bottles.Royal Sandalwood is not a particular sandalwood, it is the royal treatment of sandalwood in these very special blends for a Royal Collection emphasizing the versatility and beauty of a multitude of Sandalwood from around the world. Please note (see last photo) we're adding little bands to the RS outer plastic packaging. Please dispose of immediately with plastic packaging.


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