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Nocturne Alchemy Offering Oils General Catalog Offering Oil (Available)

In Ancient Egypt, and even today, Offering Oils were created by the Alchemists for Priests and the Regent of Pharaoh and Queen as gifts of scent to the spiritual realm of any belief. Each Temple held a place within to burn the oils usually filled with floral petals, rich spices, deep resins, hearty woods of Myrrh and Frankincense crystals. Each Temple held a place within to devote a moment of time not only to the Deity or the God or Goddess, but also to thyself.

Nocturne Alchemy wanted to create a place of scent chosen by the NAlchemists of the NA lab and bring you an assortment of Offering Oil scents based on your own need. Read the inscription below regarding the scent and find within you what you need right now, what speaks to you and what you feel inside is a beautiful Offering to yourself. There are things in life we cannot control and we must remind ourselves we can take control of our own lives and create a harmony of bliss within by the virtues of scent alone. The virtue of pampering yourself in a moment and finding the answers will come if you quiet your mind and listen to what your KA (life force) has to say. Speak the affirmation below, put some water on for tea, light the candle under your Offering and be one within time.

"Of my own mind, in my own voice – I offer guidance, Love, affinity, pleasure, confidence, enlightenment and peace to my spirit". EH

Offering Oils by Nocturne Alchemy. Enhanced with NA scent, enriched with Electrum Shimmer. Created for a better state of mind – a mind of positive NRG and hope – and reminding ourselves when the darkness comes to us or any place in which we cannot seek a way out – if we sit for a moment under the stars, under the sun or sit quietly – the way "out' is reminding ourselves how to find the way in.

*Electrum Shimmer in the sparkle of Emerald Green & Diamond

Please read further descriptive of our GC Ozymandias in the 'Pharaohs and Queens' section.

Resin of Royal Sweet Frankincense, Languid Amber filtered through Royal Amber Resin and harsh- less white pepper essential oil.

THIS Offering Oil is only available in full cobalt 1oz form. Silver Label, 100% pure oil with glass dropper. *please shake Electrum before putting into your burner as Electrum will settle. Stir slowly as necessary during Offering to see the stars within the oil.


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