Nokturne Duality: Citrine Moonstone

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Nocturne Alchemy Nokturne Duality Forum Exclusive Perfume Oil (Limited)

It was spoken of in the hallways of the Pyramid of finding a lemon accord and blending into the new Moonstone (Vanilla Bean). So we walked the maze within the Pyramid and found the Perfume room where we tested a number of Lemon perfume notes. The one that stood out was the freshness of the Italian Essential Lemon oil. Taking this and infusing Moonstone Vanilla into it, the first scent of the perfume is a citrine of citrus bite followed by a soft cream as the lemon and vanilla dance with each other and then the drydown of the Moonstone note itself which is simply a pleasure of Vanilla Bean and peacefulness. This may pair well with a lovely spring day, a moment for yourself or even a relaxing break with tea and a little nothingness as the moon sends her rays to your skin.


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