Nokturne Duality: Blue Topaz Kobalt

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Nocturne Alchemy Nokturne Duality Forum Exclusive Perfume Oil (Limited)

What is Blue Topaz? It was requested within the Pyramid that a Blue Musk be offered as a Nokturne. We have been searching all over the world for the
perfect single note of Blue Topaz and we found a few but none stood up to the Nokturne name until one day it had occurred to me the Blue Musk, that became a new nameBlue Topaz, needed a little something special within it. So we began pouring, ever so slowly, Kobalt (Vanilla Orchid) into Blue Topaz and what was created was a beautiful symmetry of sensual scent. Why Blue Topaz? One day when testing this with Jacek, I looked down at the white gold ring I wear with a blue topaz on it and Jacek said, "yes, that would be a nice name for it". Both masculine and feminine and perfect for a Nokturne Duality. Bastet and I have worn this and both of us talked about the sense of harmony and tranquility and how this perfume lifts the spirit, body and mind. Will there be a future Blue Topaz single note? Possibly...but until then...Kobalt is the perfect note for this new Nokturne Duality!


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