Horus Summer

Horus Summer

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Nocturne Alchemy Summer Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Our Summer scent for June: Horus Summer.

Solar Deity. Son to Osiris and Isis. Protector of the ruler of Egypt.


I fly for you higher than anything that ever could

I open my wings and embrace all of the Love the heavens can give

I close my eyes and feel the wind upon my skin

Your Love is in my heart

My Heart is in your Love

I protect your heart

You protect mine

We made this promise long ago.


May Horus bless you with the beauty of life

May Horus grant his Love to the wings of existential wisdom

May Horus envelope you in his power and take you to the radiance of the stars!


Horus Summer: Sapphire, Nokturne:Crimson, Kerala Amber, Lotus blossum, Black orchid, Egyptian Amber, Champaka E/O, Mahogony and Egyptian Musk. For both male and female, this scent is rise with the sun and empower the possibilities of the day. An enrapturing scent traveling forward throughout your day and into the stars. Followed through with Egyptian Black Tea, Egyptian Sugar'd Orchid NA Blend.


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