Hatshepsut Incense

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Nocturne Alchemy Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

The second of the Pharaoh and Queen Incense LE line.

Hatshepsut perfume, (from our Permanent Collection), has always been a soft skin scent of ethereal floral and spice notes. We wanted to take this and in the vein of Japanese Incense or beautiful Egyptian Incense, we wanted to give the empyrean notes a gorgeous incense dedication. The scent is delicate with gentle spices of nutmeg, clove and allspice mildly in the body of the perfume. The floral arrangement is Pink Lotus, Freesia, Orange Blossom and all enveloped in the same incense accord Bastet, (Bastet's unique Incense accord made of soft billowing perfume that hovers above the skin like a fine incense), had created for the Limited Edition of Ozymandias Incense from February, 2013.

Again, we've only made a small batch of this. You can always add on more of the original Hatshepsut and layer it according to your own taste to attune the original. Of course, this version is a beautiful testament to creating incense and perfume together for the elegance of the skin.

This incense perfume will continue to get better with age. Try layering with more Hatshepsut PC or adding the beauty of Egyptian Musk from the PC 'Ankh'. Even a little from your favourite Nokturne single note can change the feel of this very transformable perfume! Bastet recommends applying a drop to the wrist, thirty-sixty minutes later apply another drop to enjoy the opening note with the heart note next to each other.


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