Hathor Tambour

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Nocturne Alchemy NAlentine Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Such music that fills the Temple as the perfumes for Royalty are created. Such Love and devotion put into every stirring of accord, note and essential oil. The Alchemists of the Ancients gave great dignity in their duty to the Pharaoh and Queen of their world. In this sense of obligation, do we assume the realm of such wondrous creation.

Hathor Tambour; she was a beautiful musician that bathed in the Deity Hathor, the devotion and principles of Love from the spirit of the beautiful Deity. Within this Goddess, the Sun bathes her heart with light and the glow of beauty is free to look out into the world.

"Come, my Soul, swim to me!

The water is deep in my love

Which carries me to you.


We are in the midst of the stream,

I clasp the flowers to my breast

Which is naked and drips with water.

But the moon makes them bloom like the lotus.


I give you my flowers

because they are beautiful,

And you are holding my hand

In the middle of the water."

~J.M.Kellner Under the protection of Hathor

Pink Moon Lotus, Plumeria, Nokturne:Crystal (Vanilla Musk), Clementine, Blue Coconut Vanilla and a kiss. What does a kiss smell like? It smells like blue sugar and vanilla beans.


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