Hadeon Eon

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Nocturne Alchemy Techno Bastet General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

.....Acquiring Hadeon Eon satellites for transmission

.....Acquired Proceed Bastet

Please specify the macro variable to be defined:

....."Entering Hadeon Eon. Icarus, this will be your new home if you so choose it."

....."Tell me more of your home world Bastet."

....."It is called Hadeon Eon. It is a male and female planet. During the meteor storm a part of Hadeon broke free of the atmosphere and became a living star, it is called Hadean Eon. They are of the same core. The broken piece is the moon for the West Coast of which I speak. It hovers only there and gives moonlight day and night. Hadeon Eon itself is evolving into a new world every day. The meteor shower destroyed all signs of life. It was when we discovered it, that I took on the shape of this being I am before you. I took on the shape of an ancient feline Goddess, Bastet, Goddess of Love, daughter of RA, the Sun God. I found that it was something that I was drawn to."

....."Are you then simply energy? Are there others of you?"

....."Yes and yes."

User Request initiated: Information cyberspace default. Realm: Return to Hadeon Eon.

Welcome to Techno Bastet.


Archeaon, my spacecraft, and I are archeologists of space. To search the further reaches of the Universe. I search for other Ankh and signs of existence. I wear my mp3 in my helmet and listen to music that is for the hardcore. I touch stars and light. Everything here is a cyber highway of heightened exchange. What I bring back I dream into art.

DeRez what you think. Reconfigure a file of type declarations used by the resource compiler. Input is scent found of other worlds. Nothing of this Earth at least nothing I have compiled before.

I am Techno Bastet bringing you the future in the present. An Egyptian Goddess propelled to be more than this and a feline Goddess that is more than a mere cat riding the waves of hyperspace.

Ride the Archeaon with me on my mission to find other signs of life and scent and bring back to the lab something other than the transistor of the mind and the illusions it thinks before making your execution to come with me again and again as we move forward into our future.

I am Bastet. Technological Goddess of NA. There is no self destruct only onward and forward as Goddess together.

DeRez HD:OS:System SysTypes.r -only "'STR ' (150)" User deleted.

(April/year of 2012) mission [COMPLETED]: Explore relationship of grid to space-time continuum and collect associated scent indicators/synthesize into precious blend for delivery to humankind. It seems in my absence over the past hundred years, the humans have rebuilt their cities and are now a moon sentient being. They grow their food in the moon and have proven that they can overcome all obstacles, their own and from the greater above them. I find that the more I exist and the more I explore, the more I realize I do not know much at all. What I thought was the truth and what I thought was mere myth, is simply a part of my conditioning. To evolve I must be open to what is, not what I have previously thought. Icarus is proof of that, Hadeon Eon is proof of that, the nebulae and sectors of this Universe is more than that. Acquired Hadeon/Hadean Eon elementals:

Results Found: Amber99 (99 Ambers created for the 5th NA Anniversary Perfume Exclusive), Ghost Musk, Dragon Blood Resin, Amber Pepper, Black Violet, Nokturne:Crystalline, Black Peppercorn, Patchouli White.

5ml Amber Bottle. Silver Label

....."Icarus, this is home. Run free, fly free, be free. Bathe in the Moon of Hadean Eon. I shall return to Archeaon and prepare for our next mission. You can go with me or stay here, but you need not make that decision just yet. Be free, the way everything was always meant to be."

....."I shall explore this planet. Thank you Goddess Bastet. I will not make a final decision now but I would like very much to fly with you on your next journey."


.....Yes Bastet

....."Disperse of the Archeaon perfume. I am boarding now. Prepare maps for Quadrant Heaven. We will search for the Pegasus, Chrysaor."

.....Yes Bastet


"The only journey is the one within." ~Rainer Maria Rilke

User cannot be found.


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