Eternal Love 2013

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Nocturne Alchemy NAlentine Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Eternal Love 2013: A return to the Eternal Love that is and will always be. Newly created from scratch with a return to the beautiful things in scent. A return to an ancient Love.

"What is Love eternal if I cannot have you by my side until the end of time?

What is Eternal Love without looking into your eyes and finding my home?

What is this feeling inside that makes me strong when I think of you and still, I am weak at the mere look that you give me.

Here in my heart I find hopelessness unlike any other to be yours until the end of my days.

Nothing can withstand time the way my heart feels for you.

My Queen always, your Pharaoh forever and time will never deny our Love and its existence. I am your Eternal Love and let no one ever forget my heart belongs to you."

~Emerson Hart

Golden Amber, the very last of the aged 6 year old White Amber Rock from an Ancient Cedar box, VA Moors Accord Patchouli Noir Essence, a touch of smoke, a drizzle of precious NA Kyphi, a drop of incense and a whisper of Crystalline kissed with the tiniest drop of very aged blue Labdanum Sugar. This LE edition uses the same composition but with new accords/notes/perfume base (same as the original but 2013 version) with the added Anniversary blend of Sacred Kyphi, Belgian Cocoa, Golden Pear and White Musk.

2013 version for this very Limited Edition of EL2013 for NAlentine and you — by Emerson Hart and Bastet.


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