eNVie lazuli saphir

eNVie lazuli saphir

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Nocturne Alchemy eNVie General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

A rich wood scent with accents of sweet and exotic, resin and saphir permeate throughout like the gold from a lapis lazuili stone through the blue. A unique reinterpretation of incense without the typical incense notes but instead blending the notion of a stone and creating a scent of exotic and ancient places.


~Top Note:

Indian Sal tree resin, Sal distillation, Smoked Pineapple skin, Blue Sugar accord, Balsam of Peru

~~Heart Note:

Oud, Black Patchouli, Styrax Benzoin resin, Blue Lotus extract, Hungarian Labdanum absolute

~~~Base Note:

Roman Blue Chamomile extract, Egyptian Amber & Musk Resin purified into natural notes of blue balsamic amber, sweet papyrus oil from Cairo and Siam benzoin that hints naturally of occurring warm and pure vanillin.

? ? ? ? Perfumer's Notes:
"Having discovered a small farm in India, in the lower Himalayas with Jacek — that harvested a wood resin we’d not heard of before; we were taken aback as a note we’d never truly smelled before. While the resin smells very pungent, it is when the resin is distilled in an earthen ceramic pot that the scent mutes itself and presents both a wood and amber aroma. There are hints of leather and we’re told this is from the bark of the tree. When we began experimenting with the scent, I wore it alone for a few months to understand it in San Francisco and in the desert air of Nevada, Jacek wore his in Hungary and we both attempted to discern what would be a good counter opponent to this unique resin. Hard pineapple skin, balsam, oud and patchouli blended so nicely but Hungarian labdanum and very rich blue lotus extract would give this blend a unique take on scent during my studies (of Egyptology) and Jacek’s knowledge of all notes from Hungary. Once the perfume had been laid down, the aging element was a factor and studying lapis lazuli (that dark hue of blue with gold fleck) crystalline marble stuck when it came to the name of what this perfume would become. I see gold flecks and blue semi-precious stone in so much ancient antiquity it became the perfume in a sense, or the perfume became lazuli when I inhaled. ~Emerson Hart, Jacek Rose eNVie Perfumer Composers


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