Dragon Fire: Protection

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Nocturne Alchemy NAlentine Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Dragon's Blood (in this blend: herb of Croton Lechlen), in essence, is made from a protective herb and resin. It was also used in Alchemy for healing. Here, we use it for spiritual personification because...well I'll explain...

When I asked Bastet what she wanted me to make her for NAlentine, she told me she wanted a Dragon's Blood perfume created with the energy of 'Protection' and 'Strength'. She also said she wanted it to be for everyone. This is her present from me to her and to you.

As I sat in the lab on a very foggy San Francisco evening, I chose a few Dragon's Blood oils (from around the world), and I began to pour a protective energy into one and a strength into another as the blends began to take shape. Alone, they are perfumes built for the observation within scent of these things; protection and strength. Together, they are a binding perfume much more than words can resonate.

Dragon Fire: Protection clears space of negative energy. This was the intent when being blended in the lab.

A beautiful blending of White Patchouli, Dragon's Blood Crimson (Croton Lechlen), Blue Amber, Desert Sage, White Myrrh, Vanilla Incense and the Protective spirit of RA.

**The two Dragon Blood accords used separately for these 2 Dragon perfumes are not the same accord as Nokturne:Bloodstone (Egyptian Dragon's Blood)


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