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Nocturne Alchemy Gods, Goddesses & Deities General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Bes, protector of the household and child birth, specifically Mothers and children. Depicted as a bearded dwarf he is often shown sticking his tongue out and holding a rattle. During birth Bes would dance around the room shaking his rattle and scare away demons. It is said he would remain by the child in his crib and when a baby laughed or smiled it was because Bes was nearby making faces and dancing around the crib.

There is something special about him in Egyptian art because the artists always illustrated profile perspectives, which is the very definition of Egyptian art, but for Bes he was always shown as a full-face portrait. He also has no look of an Egyptian God, more resembling Gods from Central and Northern Africa than anything specifically Egyptian. If he resembled anything by his actions it was that of a fool Shaman.

By keeping a statue of Bes by the door this kept the wicked from entering and the demons outside. Although seen as a protector, he also took on childish personifications including randomly tripping people or making food taste a little off.

If Bes protects you it is because he has always been there throughout your life. He keeps the negative away and protects you all the way to the end by keeping you company in this life. Perhaps you kept him company?

Vanilla Cream Vapour, Caramelized Egyptian Sugar Dust, Vanilla Musk, Cardamom, Sandalwood and Egyptian Black Clove Buds.


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