Bearaoh New Year: Bear Queen

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Nocturne Alchemy NAliday Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

The Bear King took the golden honey and poured it into the golden vanilla that the Bear Queen drew up to him in the golden pot. In the light of the sun god, RA, the warmth of the great Egyptian sun heated and coiled the perfume mixture. The time of life was at an end, the God RA had given them a day to make their peace and upon rejection of golds and riches, with the rejection of hieroglyph and promises, they made a perfume to entice their reasons for life.

Isis Bear then inhaled from the Heavens and came forth by the calling of the Royal Bears.

"What is this I inhale that brings me to your palace?" Isis Bear asked.

"We invite you, by perfume, to bring together both Deity and Bear and charge the world with beauty and may the scent of all things evoke bliss and happiness and may the fighting stop, may the bigotry stop, may the world remind itself through scent that we can only be more than this; above and beyond: if we are one. We thought, using the senses, you could make this so."

Isis pondered, knowing the God RA had decided their time was at an end, but this offering...did entice her.

ISIS Blend: "Bring me within seven days the Sandalwood from Arabia, bring me Amber from Nepal, bring me Cedar from Madagascar, bring me Vanilla from Canada, bring me Egyptian Spices of nutmeg and clove, bring me incense from the East, bring me your honey and vanilla and let me find a way to entice RA with your perfume."

With that, the musicians beat their percussion, their cymbals, their menits, the music enticed the sound of life once more.

Isis Bear returned to the sky. A week later Isis Bear returned, but not alone. She brought with her Hathor and Bes. Each of them singing 'Hy' music of joy and gladness for in the golden room of the palace the scent of perfume infused itself like a doorway to the Heavens. Each perfume had been found and blended and now offered to the Goddess.

"For you Bear King, I add more Amber (Arabian, Golden and Aged) and Myrrh of the Ancient world."

"For you Bear Queen, I add the Vanilla of the Ankh and within it infuse White Honey to your golden Honey."

"And for you Isis Bear?", asked the Bear Queen bowing as she asked.

"For me, I shall take your perfume and pull the scent across beautiful Jasmine and Rose and make it a perfume worthy of a Goddess."

The Goddess rose and took with her the singing Hathor and Bes and glided across the Nile reaching out from time to time for Egyptian Jasmine and Egyptian Rose and blended it onto her skin and in a flash, they took to the sky to begin again.

RA inhaled Isis as she returned and deemed life worthy once more.

It was a very Beary Bearaoh New Year.


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