Bat Heart

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Nocturne Alchemy NAlentine : Forum Exclusive Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

On many occasion, Bats live within the darkest parts of the Temples, Pyramids and trees (along the Nile), in Egypt. Bats are special to NA just as much as they are to VA. This is how Bat Heart came to be.

A creation for a special NAlentine FEx by Thoth (of NA) and Seth (of VA).

"A lonely place it is to not share the heart, not just with another but to share the love within the world with the self. This is the Bat heart. Made to remind ourselves that love is not always with a partner, though as beautiful as it is, it is rather like strings of a violin or a poem or the flight of birds across the sky; love is beautiful all by itself when looked upon or felt by the heart inside alone. Are we not all things wanting to fly? Does our heart inside feel beauty and sadness together? Does our little bat heart not need love when we have given too much of it? No. To give and give of the heart is love in its most beautiful song. It only makes the heart vestibule grow
bigger for it requires a return to fill it from another source. It may not always be can be the sweet scent of being still, exhaling and breathing in the perfume of a bat heart."

Spicy N2 Egyptian Musk are the wings of this bat. Warm chocolate fudge is the blood that flows alongside a light dusting of cocoa surrounded by the pulsing of Nokturne:Kobalt bringing the beat to this Bat Heart. Tiny fizzures of ghostly Styrax and Amyris bleed into the Kobalt along with black pepper essential oil to enhance the vanilla resin. A soft pulse of African Musk kisses the bat heart and glows blood and magenta at the core.

"Alone is never alone." someone wise said that... was it me?


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