Bastet's Pure Heart

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Nocturne Alchemy NAlentine Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

There is a place within us where we can return to the tendency of being a child. That circle we once ran, that unbalanced laugh at the flutter of a dragonfly or the quick stillness of a hummingbird. Those places we once ran in the sun.

If we are to connect with the insanity of the world; we must connect with ourselves sanely.

To have the capacity to Love is to stop within that fraction of time and believe in what you see. To see yourself and believe in yourself. To Love yourself. How could we ever Love anything if we cannot do that for ourselves?

Take away the stress. Steal the clock and put it in your pocket. Stand in the warmth of the sun again, return to what you always were, close your eyes and just be.

Find me nearby, perhaps rubbing against your leg and looking up at you with a smile on my feline face. Pick me up please. Hold me tight, so we can experience all of it together.

This is a pure heart for the pure of heart in all the beauty we can never let go of.

White Willow Essence, Green Tea Accord, Osage Wood, Key Lime Zest, Vanilla Breath Ankh Musk (Bastet created) and a heart of Sapphire Amber Musk.


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